Volume 3 Issue 12 - April 2015

Classics For A Cause

On Saturday, April 18th an extraordinary event will take place in Lincoln. The Kuck family will open their rare and private collection of over 100 classic cars to the public! All proceeds will go to the Heartland Cancer Foundation of Lincoln. Our reigning Mrs. Nebraska, Erika Shelton, will be the celebrity guest. This private automobile collection features a Stutz Bearcat, Auburn, Duesenberg and Cord as well as several classic 60’s and 70’s muscle cars and race cars.  There are also vehicles and memorabilia from the old TV shows “Batman”, the “Munsters”, the “Monkees” and the “Dukes of Hazzard”. 

Admission is $25 and will take place from 2:00-5:00 p.m. at Kuck Motorsports located at 2251 Humphrey Avenue (27th and I-80). Attendees must be at least 16 years old.

Tickets can either be purchased by calling 402-261-9974 or emailing HeartlandCancerFoundation@gmail.com or by going online to HeartlandCancerFoundation.org/KuckEvent.


Birthdays and Anniversaries


• Kathleen Valentine - April 2nd

• Bonnie Harrington - April 29th


• Sherri and Jeff Ellsworth - April 29th


From Scraps to Sensations

March is National quilting month, however due to the content of March’s newsletter, this story is running in April.  Mrs. Nebraska 1991, Kathleen Valentine, is no stranger to both the recycling and quilting worlds. In fact, recycling materials into beautiful pieces of art began for Kathleen at the young age of 8, when she assisted her grandmother with quilting projects for family members. At age 10, Kathleen and her grandmother constructed quilts out of necessity to assist in paying for Kathleen’s sister’s tuition at Madonna School. It was also Kathleen's first exposure to the recycling world by taking scraps of material and turning them into beautiful sensations and keepsake memories! Pictured right is Kathleen’s very first quilt project. She was asked to make this quilt for a family who unexpectedly lost their mother, and loved playing Bingo at St. Columbkille Church, so the Bingo themed quilt was a perfect tribute to this family with six grieving children.

As Mrs. Nebraska 1991, the idea and creation of Kathleen’s state costume for Mrs. America came to fruition when Kathleen met designer Denise Ervin at a Boys Town fundraising event. Denise was commissioned to create this incredible costume because of Kathleen’s love for quilting in conjunction with her platform of recycling. A state costume fashioned out of recycled goods was perfect!  The amazing detail on this magnificent costume is one of a kind which consists of two pieces; a blue satin bustier covered with various sizes of clippings from magazines, newspapers, and wrapping paper, and a white cotton pique skirt trimmed with milk bottle tops, newspaper, old sequins, and pieces of news flier that feature a blue and green globe design. A few little extras; the front of the bustier is laced with pull tab cans from aluminum beverage cans; the petticoat is created out of potato chip bags (only those with silver linings); the glitzy crown out of plastic detergent bottles. This remarkable costume took three months to make.

Kathleen’s state costume was featured in the Omaha World Herald on April 30, 1992. Over the years, this recycled dress has won numerous awards. At the 1991 Mrs. America Pageant, it won “Most Whimsical” costume, and also won “Best Costume” in 1992 worn by Miss Nebraska USA at her national pageant, and was also worn by Mrs. Oregon 1992 at Mrs. America. This elaborate costume was displayed at the Travel Center in Omaha for six months and in 1993 Mrs. America emcee, Florence Henderson rented it to wear for an Earth Day appearance in Seattle WA. Kathleen has created approximately 75 quilts to date. In 2012, she began entering some of her own projects in quilt shows.

Some of Kathleen’s masterpieces include Kathleen’s name sake quilt of “Valentine” designs.

This quilt was created by Kathleen and her son, Jake, entitled “Grandma’s Attic Window.”

This quilt was created as a raffle for one of Kathleen’s friends fighting Breast Cancer and her friend’s love of shoes. They are actual pictures of shoes she had.

This quil is the “Tree of Life” quilt depicting the seven sacraments.

This quilt is created from Kathleen’s mother’s flannel sheets.  Each word inscribed on this quilt describes her mother who passed away seven years ago.

Here is a vest of her mother’s created as a tribute to her.

This quilt is a gift for Mrs. Nebraska 2012 – Kim Daniels, which she has not received yet, because it has been entered in several State Fairs; winning three blue ribbons and one Honorable Mention.

Kathleen’s quilt ideas come from coloring books and visualizing various patterns; each quilt is hand edged. Recycling has always been very important to Kathleen and quilting is the first form of recycling. Each one of these precious works of art takes Kathleen back to fond childhood memories of hours spent making quilts with her grandmother by turning scraps into sensations. 

“Families are like quilts, lives pieced together, stitched with smiles and tears, colored with memory, and bound by love.” ~Author Unknown