Volume 4 Issue 2 - June 2015

Mrs. NE Goes Country

As Mrs. Nebraska, many of our titleholders have experienced Nebraskaland Days in North Platte which kicks off the third week in June. The two week celebration consists of back to back appearances by giving several radio and T.V. interviews, judging various events including the Youth Talent Contest, the Downtown Businessmen’s Cake Decorating Contest, and the Hog calling contest at the Pork Breakfast to name a few. Other appearances have included modeling in the Nebraskaland Style Show, attending the Heritage and Ethnic Festival, signing autographs at the Kids Fun Festival, assisting with the North Platte Hostesses Cake Auction, attending the Buffalo Bill Rodeo and meeting the Buffalo Bill Award recipient, “real” rodeo cowboys, and numerous state Rodeo Queens. Our titleholders have also attend the V.I.P luncheon (held prior to the parade on Saturday) meeting various political leaders, dignitaries, and crew members of the U.S.S. Nebraska Navy submarine. Winding up the week long festivities is the Nebraskaland Days Parade. Other events during the week are the Frontier Revue, a Field Mass, the Mexican Fiesta, the Kids parade, and the Governor’s Art Show. Various concerts take place the second week.  If given the opportunity to attend Nebraskaland Days, these will be some of the best memories of your reign!


Birthdays and Anniversaries


• Susan Meyerle - June 11th


• Karalyn and Brian Hoefer - June 23rd

• Steve and Chryl Priess Dickey - June 27th


Mrs. NE 1988 emcees and is a celebrity model for the Nebraskaland Days Style show.

1988 Miss Rodeo Nebraska - Amy Biehl and Mrs. NE 1988 auction off cakes created by downtown businessmen.

Meeting 1988 Buffalo Bill Award recipient, Bruce Boxleitner.

Mrs. NE 1996 meets Gib Larsen, complete in his Scottish attire at the Heritage and Ethnic Festival.

Mrs. NE autograph signing at the Kid's Fun Festival.

Mrs. Nebraska 1996 meets North Platte Mayor-Jim Whitaker who is also one of the original founders of Nebraskaland Days.

Mrs. Nebraska 1996 and 1997 (with their escort) prepare for the Nebraskaland Days parade.

Miss Nebraska 1998 and Mrs. Nebraska 1997 judge the All Male Downtown businessmen’s cake decorating contest.

Mrs. Nebraska 1997 interview at KODY Radio.

Mrs. Nebraska 1997 meet various state Rodeo queens at the Youth Talent Contest.

Mrs. Nebraska 1998 judges the Hog Calling Contest at the Pork Breakfast.

Mrs. Nebraska's are thrown into jail at the Pork Breakfast for not wearing western attire.

Three queens judge the All Male Downtown Business man’s Cake Decorating Contest.

Mrs. Nebraska 1998 meets Buffalo Bill Award Recipient-Will Hutchins.

Mrs. Nebraska’s participate in the Nebraskaland Days Parade.

Mrs. Nebraska's (2002, 1997, 1988) catch up  with one another at renowned Platte Bar beer garden during Nebraskaland Days 2005.

Mrs. Nebraska 2004 and 2005 local titleholders attend the VIP luncheon before the parade meeting several crew members from the U.S.S. Nebraska submarine.

Mrs. Nebraska 2004 meets reigning Miss Nebraska Rodeo Queen at the V.I.P luncheon.

Mrs. Nebraska 2004 and 2005 local titleholders pose for a quick picture with Elvis impersonators (aka Mrs. Nebraska 2002’s family) before the parade.

Mrs. Nebraska 2005 and 2006 local titleholders attend the VIP luncheon and meet several U.S.S. Nebraska submarine crew members.

Mrs. Nebraska 2005 and 2006 local titleholders pose for a picture before the Nebraskaland Days parade begins.


June is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

June is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and our reigning Mrs. Nebraska-Erika Shelton has had 6 months packed full of speaking opportunities to various schools, charity events, and clubs on her platform of Pediatric Cancer Action Network-PCAN.  To date Erika has spoken to 14 different groups about pediatric cancer awareness and her nonprofit, PCAN, with most of the groups being schools that had fund raisers for PCAN. Why they do what they do at PCAN. Nebraska will have  approximately 116 children diagnosed with cancer each year. Over 60% of children diagnosed with cancer in Nebraska will travel in excess of 60 miles for treatment. Non-medical expenses (travel, meals, etc.) for a family battling childhood cancer have been shown to average 38% of the family's gross income. Costs of treating pediatric cancer can exceed well over $1.5 million per patient. The average length of treatment for childhood cancer is almost 3 years. The costs of treating childhood cancer don't end with a cure. 95% of childhood cancer survivors will have a chronic health problem leading to further medical expenses. That is why PCAN raises money to help families in Nebraska affected by pediatric cancer. Other facts are that in 80% of kids, Cancer has already spread to other areas of the body at the time of diagnosis. Before they turn 20, 1 in 285 children in the US will have Cancer.  Thank you Erika for continuing of making a difference to these families in Nebraska! You are an angel to so many families and an amazing Mrs. Nebraska representative!

Update on our Queens

Happy retirement to Mrs. Nebraska 1978, Susie Sochor (pictured on the right), from teaching at Wood River High School!

Best selling author, Tosca Lee - Mrs. NE 1996, is featured on the cover of the May Family fiction magazine and includes an article on her.

Children's Hospital awarded $250,000 in Preventing Childhood Obesity Community Grants on April 29, 2015. $25,000.00 was awarded to Mrs. Nebraska 2001-Deb Gray and Tammy Olson for their Balanced Body Band program which will be pilot tested at St Vincent dePaul school this fall.

Jen Bradley received Platinum award winner status from her job at Genzyme corporation. Platinum is the second highest ranking based on sales through this company.