Volume 4 Issue 4 - August 2015

2015 Mrs. America Send-ff is Black and White!

July 26, 2015 was a very special event for our reigning Mrs. Nebraska. The annual Mrs. Nebraska send-off to Mrs. America was held and Erika was the guest of honor. This year’s theme was black and white (literally) as attendees were asked to wear black and white per Erika’s request.

The turn out for the occasion included several of Erika’s family and friends as well as nine of her Mrs. Nebraska sisters: Deb Badeer (1984) Rita Rocker (1987) Kim Daniels (2012) Susan Meyerle (2004) Kathleen Valentine (1991) Debbie Anstine (1998) Karalyn Hoefer (2011) Terri Krolikowski (1988) Erika Shelton (2015) and Jen Hart (2009).

For the twelfth year in a row, Debbie Anstine and Susan Meyerle hosted the traditional send-off. Erika modeled her wardrobe for Mrs. America which included her interview dress, her State costume, and her competition evening gown. Directors Deanna Hayes and Jen Hart said they were still waiting to hear word regarding the date and place for the 2015 Mrs. America competition, which has yet to be announced.  Words of encouragement and well wishes were given to Erika by each of the attendees, and she received many wonderful gifts that will be useful at Mrs. America.  Erika said, “I am excited to go and I feel very prepared!”  For more information on the Mrs. America Pageant go to www.mrsamerica.com or the Nebraska website www.mrsnebraska.net.  Mrs. America is the only nationally televised pageant for married women. Good luck Erika, we all know you will do very well representing Nebraska’s married women!


Birthdays and Anniversaries


• Lisa Gennaro - August 6th

• Deb Badeeer - August 12th

• Kim LaBorde - August 19th

• Sharon Soltero - August 25th


• Jen and Greg Hart - August 1st

• Susie and Dave Sochor - August 6th

• Melanie and Mike Gutzmer - August 11th


Mrs. Nebraska 1991-Kathleen Valentine presents Mrs. Nebraska 2012-Kim Daniels with the beautiful quilt she made for her.


Mrs. Nebraska's In The News

Above: Mrs. Nebraska 2015, Erika Shelton was featured in Lincoln’s July 2015 Strictly Business Magazine focusing her platform (PCAN) along with well wishes from several of her sponsors as she prepares to compete for the upcoming Mrs. America Pageant.

Article on our huntress-Olivia Opre - Mrs. Nebraska 2003

Mrs. Nebraska 1978-Susie Sochor made the front page of the Doniphan Herald newspaper when Mrs. Nebraska 1988-Terri Krolikowski surprised her with the official Mrs. Nebraska crown and sash at her and husband-Dave’s retirement party held on July 11th at the Quality Inn and Suites in Doniphan. 200 people were in attendance for their event.