Volume 4 Issue 6 - October 2015

Nebraska Places In Top 15 at Mrs. America


Birthdays and Anniversaries


• Amanda Reinert - October 17th

• Debbie Anstine - October 18th


• Sharon and Saul Soltero - October 6th

• Olivia and Tom Opre - October 12th

• Deb and Dan Badeer - October 15th


One short week after returning home from Mrs. America, held at the beautiful Westgate Resort in Vegas, our reigning Mrs. Nebraska-Erika Shelton shares her experience in her own words!

My week at Mrs. America was unlike any experience I have ever had. I had no idea what to expect...would it be fun? Would it be exhausting? Would it be mentally and emotionally taxing? Yes, to all of the above, but I enjoyed every moment! I knew I had to take all of it in because this was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Every contestant that I met, and got to know, was so amazing! I am walking away with my head held high by placing in the top 15, and my heart is so full with the lifelong friendships that  developed. After winning Mrs. Nebraska, the first pageant I had ever been in, the Mrs. America Pageant seemed so far away and I had so many things I wanted to do for my non-profit that I never really set a goal or set my "eye on the prize". Once the announcement came that it would be held in Vegas, that's when the work began. I worked with a pageant coach, never skipped the gym, and ate very very healthy. I felt like I was as prepared as I ever could be and I was ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Although I didn't finish in the top...I am very proud of what I accomplished. I finished in the top 15 of a national pageant, and it was my second pageant ever! I stayed true to myself, with my big curly hair, and my own sense of style. I walked away with memories and friends that I will hold near and dear for a lifetime! I am so grateful to have had an opportunity like Mrs. America. It is truly the cream of the crop pageants and organizations. We were treated like royalty and I felt nothing but love and support from everyone involved. I will never forget the feeling of being on that stage, under the lights, and feeling so calm and at peace. It was surreal and I will cherish it forever!


Honoring Our Heroes and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Two of Mrs. Nebraska 1983’s heroes are dear friends Reba Tyler, who was diagnosed in 2005 and Lila Bradley, who was diagnosed in 2002. 

Mrs. Nebraska 1988 pictured with her hero, mom- Jean Niedan, who was diagnosed in                   December of 2010.

Ana Meyerle pictured with her hero, mom-Susan (Mrs. Nebraska 2004) who was diagnosed in 2009 and has been in remission for 6 years!

Mrs. Nebraska 2010 pictured with her two heroes, mom-Joan Mathias (front) being fitted for her wig, and finished her chemo this past March. Also her aunt-Jean Zeplin (pictured next to Nicole’s mom) who is a two time breast cancer survivor and has been in remission for 5 years. Also pictured is Nicole’s sister-Renee.

Mrs. Nebraska 2011 is pictured with her hero, mom-Yvonne Bredthauer who was diagnosed in November of 2013. Pictured is Team Y-Von’s family! The #6  represents Yvonne being the 6th participant to take part in a research study! Team Y-Von shirts have been worn to every chemo appointment as well as numerous fundraiser events.

Sunday, October 25th will commemorate 10 years of the Making Strides Breast Cancer Awareness Walk held at Holmes Lake Park in Lincoln. Traditionally, Mrs. Nebraska titleholders serve as volunteers for this awesome event. If you wish to participate contact Terri Krolikowski by October 5th.