Volume 1 Issue 3 - July 2012

Queens Luncheon Held at Art Chicks

PICTURED: Karalyn Hoefer, Terri Krolikowski, Shawn Kelley, Debbie Anstine, Susan Meyerle, Deb Essex, Jennifer Bradley

June 2nd, seven Mrs. Nebraska titleholders had a get together  and luncheon at Art Chicks in Louisville. It was a fun time with lots of laughs.  The menu consisted of Tropical Chicken Salad, Fruit and Cheese Kabob, Ginger Dip, Chocolate Fudge Ribbon Cake. We also dressed up, did a few line dances, took lots of pictures, and just caught up on what is happening in everyone’s busy life.  The weather was perfect, This will be a memory that will soon not be forgotten. Shawn Kelley has agreed  to set up the next luncheon and we are tentatively looking at August in Omaha. Thank you again to Debbie Anstine for the awesome suggestion of Art Chicks!  What a perfect ROYAL event!

Pictured right are former Mrs. Nebraska’s who attended the 2012 Miss Nebraska Pageant in North Platte last month!

They are Susan Meyerle-2004, Terri Krolikowski-1988, and Karalyn Hoefer-2011.  Not pictured is Michele Strom-2007.


Birthdays and Anniversaries


• Sherri Ellsworth - July 15th

• Deb Essex - July 16th

• Marcelle Broome - July 30th

• Kristi Davis - July 31st


• No anniversaries in July


Titleholder of the Month - Deb Badeer (1984)

Pictured is Deb and Dan Badeer’s immediate family at their son ,Sean’s, wedding (in the grey suit) taken on May 25th.  L to R are Preston-20, Noelle-25, Armen-33, Autumn-12, Sean-22, Leah-31, Gideon-17, Ian-24.   Four of the eight kids are married with two in relationships that may result in weddings next year!  Armen has 3 year old twin girls, and Leah has a 9 year old boy, and girls 4 and  1 1/2.  Noelle married a year ago and Sean is the newlywed.

As some of you know, or can imagine, home education has been  most of  Deb’s focus for the past 27 years.  She has graduated 6 of their 8 children from Badeer Christian School and have only two students still at home.  Autumn will be in 8th Grade next year and Gideon will be a Senior.  Autumn, Gideon, and Dan still go to the area retirement centers with Deb to sing or play piano or guitar for the residents.  Deb also enjoy leading the Hymn Sing at Gold Crest Retirement Center about once a month.  Dan and Deb also enjoy speaking at area conferences on topics related to parenting and home education.

In the past year, the Badeer’s have had two weddings in their family which brings their married children to four.  They already have 5 grandchildren from just two families, and look forward to many more in the future, Lord willing. In April, their family was featured as part of an NET program called Home School Nebraska.  The link to the program http://netnebraska.org/extras/homeschool. The site includes the 30 minute program as well as extra interviews and the links to the radio series that also aired.  Deb states it was an honor, privilege, and yet big responsibility for her family to represent home educators and their students in Nebraska.  They were grateful to God for his help and the wonderful production team He introduced them to through this opportunity.  Today, Preston and Deb were interviewed as part of a three person panel on the TV program, "Consider This", recorded at the UNO Campus.

This program also featured home education in Nebraska as the numbers of those choosing this educational alternative is on the rise. Deb also is on the Cultivate website as the Mentor of the Month for June.  The link is http://thecultivateproject.com.  This site promotes a teacher involvement in the lives of their students with a focus on mentoring the next generation and investing in their lives in supportive and yet appropriate ways.  Deb’s work with apologetics' students and speech students has given her some wonderful mentoring experiences and opportunities over the years. Most of Deb’s teaching focus is spent on the Stand Firm Apologetics and Speech Club, which she founded 5 years ago.  This group of 65 students ended their year of study in May with a 2 day long tournament in 11 different speech and apologetics' events.  The students are instructed in World Views, bible study methods, basic speaking and speech writing, Impromptu, Illustrated Oratory, and more. They also prepare card sets of answers on nearly 100 different questions regarding the Christian faith and practice using some of those defenses in role play.  In addition, they also learn how to spot logical fallacies, along with dramatically presenting biblical and Christian themed stories.

Seeing the students grow and learn far beyond their ages is very challenging and yet deeply rewarding. Coaching students in the Constitution and preparation for the American Legion Oratorical Contest has also been a rewarding journey for Deb, and this year she coached 6 students in preparing a 10 minute memorized oration on the US Constitution, as well as studying on 4 Articles or Amendments for an Extemporaneous portion of the difficult contest.  “It has been my privilege to travel 4 times to the National American Legion Oratorical Contest as the State Champion's coach with three of those times with my own sons” Deb says.  In her spare time, Deb enjoy of being one of two Legislative Liaisons for the Nebraska Christian Home Education Association (NCHEA).  Her part of the liaison team is to maintain and develop relationships with Senators, lobby on home education issues, and develop and coordinate the annual Home School Legislative Day for students and families.   She says, “It is always exciting to secure Senators for the group program and then enjoy being the Master of Ceremonies for the event.”  After Deb’s 4 years of leadership, in 2012,  her daughter , Noelle took over the program and led the Legislative Day as the new coordinator!

This was Deb’s second year as the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Nebraska Legislative Chairman., and her duties include distributing legislative updates, recruiting legislative council members, promoting legislative advocacy and active citizenship, and leading a Unicameral Adventure for Junior members and Auxiliary members.  She also enjoys singing for area American Legion events, passing out copies of the Constitution,  and participating in programs that honor our Veterans.

 A big thank you to Deb Badeer for your countless contributions and time making a difference in the lives of so many Christian families, as well as being an  excellent example of  a godly mother, wife and advocate.  That is why we honor you as July’s titleholder of the month!