Mrs. Nebraska America Crowning Moments Over the Years

he Mrs. Nebraska Pageant is the state preliminary to the Mrs. America Pageant. The Mrs. America Pageant was created in 1938 but was on put hold from 1943-1946 because of World War II and was cancelled in 1968 due to the changing world climate until David Marmel revived it with a new format in 1977. But more importantly, this pageant is the vehicle by which women in Nebraska are able to promote family values, women’s causes, and local charities. Past holders of the Mrs. Nebraska title have spoken out—and continue to speak—state-wide on topics such as spending more time with our children, youth volunteerism, building strong marriages, breast cancer education in Nebraska, and domestic violence. Mrs. Nebraska has something important to say, and we hope you will hear her.

Few of us have done this before. In fact, the majority of ladies who enter the Mrs. Nebraska Pageant have never participated in a pageant; less than ten of our Mrs. Nebraska’s have ever held a previous title. In general, women who enter the Mrs. Nebraska Pageant are competing in a pageant for the first time and have decided to do so for the personal growth aspect of the preparation, to promote community causes, and make new friends. And they don’t hold off until winning the state crown, either. The contestants have been active throughout the year within their communities, promoting children’s causes, women’s health issues, diversity, empowerment, and personal achievement.

We don’t forget our roots. Former Mrs. Nebraskas remain active in the system by assisting new contestants with preparations. We have a tradition of sisterhood here and we’re eager for new members. But beyond that, we’re eager to support those women who understand that there’s more to be gained in standing up for a community than just a crown. Tosca Lee, Mrs. Nebraska America 1996