Rules & Regulations

  • Contestant must be a resident of Nebraska for at least six months and a U.S. citizen.  Dual residency or residence at a military installation is acceptable.
  • Entrant must be married as of the date of entry and throughout the competition.
  • Contestant must be at least 18 years of age as of date of entry in State Pageant.  Contestants in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, etc. are encouraged to enter.  Age is not an issue in the Mrs. Nebraska pageant.
  • Entrant must be a person of good moral character; that she has not committed and will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions, or that which would reflect unfavorably on the pageant, its representatives, sponsors and/or licenses.  She has not appeared in nude, semi-nude nor provocative photographs for any film or publication prior to, during the state pageant, or doing her reign should she become the state winner or Mrs. America.
  • Entrant agrees to look solely to the state directors with respect to all matters relating to this application, the preparation, rehearsal, performance selection process, and all other matters relating to the state pageant.
  • Entrant must agree to attend the Mrs. America Pageant if selected as the state winner; and further agrees to be bound by all rules and regulations governing that pageant if selected as the winner.
  • Entrant may have modeling, commercial tie-up, personal management and/or agency contract which contract however does not include, authorize or permit the use of the name Mrs. America Pageant or any title designation or reference with respect to the pageant in any manner.
  • Entrant fully understands and agrees that there are no refunds of the entry fee or any fees paid to the Mrs. Nebraska America Pageant, under any circumstances.
  • No person may compete in the National Pageant more than once.  A contestant may enter the state competition multiple times if she is not the winner.
  • The Mrs. Nebraska-America Pageant is comprised of all at-large contestants.  There are no sanctioned local pageants.
  • Winner understands that certain prizes may be distributed throughout her reign.
  • Contestant must furnish her entire pageant wardrobe, consisting of: full-length gown, one-piece swimsuit, and interview dress or suit.  Nylons are permitted to be worn with the swimsuit.
  • Contestant agrees that judging in the state pageant will consist of Interview and Beauty, Swimsuit and Evening Gown.  There is no talent competition on the state or national levels.  Contestant understands that all judges’ decisions are final.
  • Any applicant entering the pageant under false pretenses will thereby forfeit the title and all prizes awarded to her if she is a winner or runner-up in the state pageant.
  • The Mrs. Nebraska Pageant is not liable for personal injury suffered by the contestant through participation in this event.