Mrs. Nebraska 2017

Sarah Christianson – Lincoln, NE
Congeniality Winner at Mrs. America
Mrs. Nebraska Co-Director since 2019
Sarah is a Registered Nurse at Lincoln Surgical Hospital and a graduate of Lincoln Southeast High School, Southeast Community College, and Bryan College of Health Science.

Sarah says, “My greatest accomplishments are the things I was once told I would never have.”  When Sarah was 17, she was diagnosed with several heart arrhythmias and was told that she would never be able to have children, work a high stress fast paced job, or be an athlete. Heart surgeries, a pacemaker, and up to 5 medications at a time kept her down but not beaten. From her faith in God and support from her husband and family, she found the strength to be Unstoppable.

Today, Sarah and husband, Curtis, have 2 beautiful children; she runs a surgical room as a specialty nurse, is an avid runner getting ready for her first full marathon in addition to also being an online fitness coach.  “Sure, I have to be careful and watch my heart rate but that doesn’t mean I have to stop living my life. As a mother to a daughter, I truly feel called to showing her that a woman can do and be anything. As a mother to a son, I am proud to be able to show him the same things so that he knows a strong independent woman is something to help his sister and other girls aspire to be.”

Creativity and design also fuel Sarah’s entrepreneurial side, as she owns a jewelry business, Treasured Hope Designs, where she designs and teaches others how to create one of a kind pieces.  “Life has given me several opportunities to quit and give up, but I have found that so many of us have our own personal struggles and journeys that we are on and it amazes me how many of us can be Unstoppable if we have the right tools.”

In 2017, Sarah started a new adventure seeking out and helping others, who like herself, have a heart condition but also deal with other things in life trying to stop them in their tracks. From depression, pediatric cancer and Multiple Sclerosis, Sarah has built a community with others to let them know about her journey and that they too can be Unstoppable!